Investor Services

Choice of Offshore Funds for investment:

At NJ Global Wealth Advisors, we aim to create a supermarket of offshore Funds & offer the same to the investors through a network of NJ Global Wealth Advisors. NJ GlobalInvest, a company incorporated in Mauritius, would act as the Master Distributor and will have a advisors / distributors, spread across the globe, who would be licensed to distribute offshore funds to investors / institutional clients in the respective country. The offshore funds are domiciled offshore jurisdictions (like luxembourgh, Mauritius, Singapore, etc,) and invest into the the different geographies across the globe, like China, US, Brazil, India, Russia, etc. The offshore funds offer great choice to investors to invest in opportunities across the globe and profit from same.

Online Client Desk for tracking investments:

At NJ Global Wealth Advisors, we provide the Clients of NJ Global Wealth Advisors' / distributors' with an online desk called "Client Desk" to where they can have access to their consolidated valuation / portfolio reports. The same gets updated automatically on daily basis. The Client Desk provides clients with an online platform so that they can get a consolidated view of their investments. Client Desk enables the Clients to login to their very own account get a information of their investments anytime, anywhere. All the data and reports are updated on a daily basis and detailed information on valuation, transactions, holdings, performance, etc. are available to the clients by a protected web login by a mere click of a button. The Client Desk also provides access to important documents and forms and makes the entire process of tracking portfolios very easy and convenient, all at one stop. We also provide Customer care service to solve all client's investments related queries.

  • Client investments held in one user friendly online environment
  • Client online access to their portfolio providing immediate valuation
  • Provides a consolidated view across all asset types
  • A single point access to a range of investments
  • Significant reduction of administration and paper work