Corporate Governance

NJ believes that corporate governance is key for sustainability and trust for any business and seeks to implement the best practices promoting same. We believe that we have an obligation & duty as corporate entities to all our stakeholders; from employees, customers and vendors to business partners, authorities, and society at large.

At NJ we aim to strike the right balance between minimising business risks while attempting to achieve business objectives. At Global Wealth Advisors too, we aim to safeguard business integrity and responsible business practices and promote transparency to our stakeholders at large. NJ Global Wealth Advisors is committed to ensure that the interests of all the stakeholders are best served within the framework of applicable laws, acceptable business practices and ethical expectations.

NJ Global Wealth Advisors, as part of the NJ Group, has a strong policy, process & systems culture to ensure that all relevant business practices and operations are well served. To the customers, we are committed to providing unbiased, right advisory and related services. NJ Global Wealth Advisors is also strongly committed to due diligence in all our activities and appropriate risk assessment and mitigation practices are followed. At NJ we aim to communicate all the necessary disclosures to the stake holders and practice transparency and accountability. All associates and customers of NJ are requested to raise any complaint or grievance withNJ directly through the right channels.